When: March 27th 2014

Where: TBA

Quick Directions: TBA

Address: TBA

Time: 6:00 - 8:30 pm

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The Beyond The Red Carpet organization is committed to giving back to non-profits whose purpose is to empower the community through education, sports, arts, and leadership education.

Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable corporation–was created to help find permanent homes for stray, abandoned, or otherwise homeless dogs. We are a private rescue that caters to, but is not exclusive to, large dogs (40 lbs. and up). Furthermore, we do not discriminate on the basis of breed–we will accept most dogs provided they do not exhibit vicious behavior.  We are located on 16 acres in Tehachapi, CA, therefore our focus is on rescuing dogs in the greater Tehachapi region.  However, due to the open and non-exclusive nature of our rescue, exceptions can be made.

Zach Skow arriving in time with some friends on behalf of Marley’s Mutts.